Mobile Static Xray FPD


CELV is a new generation of high-resolution 14x17 & 17x17 inches wireless static flat panel detector. It is a direct deposition CSI with a pixel size of 139 μm. More reliable AED function, higher image quality and long battery life make it an excellent choice for DR high-end applications.

Product parameters
Model No. CELV-1417 CELV-1717 CELV-1417-A CELV-1717-A
Type A-Si+CSI
Pixel Pitch 139μm
Active Area 350mmx430mm 430mmx430mm 350mmx430mm 430mmx430mm
AD Conversion 16bit
Communication Interface
Wireless 802.11n/ac(2.4/5G)
wired 100M
Wireless 802.11n/ac(2.4/5G)
wired 1000M
Wireless 802.11n/ac(2.4/5G)
wired 100M
Wireless 802.11n/ac(2.4/5G)
wired 1000M
Pixel Matrix 2500×3072 pixs 3072×3072 pixs 2500×3072 pixs 3072×3072 pixs
Cycle time wireless≤7s,wired≤6S wireless≤7s,wired≤5S
Storage / / 100pictures 100pictures
Spatial Resolution 3.5lp/mm
Power Consumption 13W
Dimension(H x W x D) 384×460×15.5(mm) 460×460×15.5(mm) 384×460×15.5(mm) 460×460×15.5(mm)
Weight 3.9kg/Max.load 135kg 4.9kg/Max.load 135kg 3.9kg/Max.load 135kg 4.9kg/Max.load 135kg
Battery 6000mAh / 44.4Wh / 8.4V 15sec quick replacement 、charging time≤3H
Operating environment temperature:5°~35°, humidity:30~80% RH (non-condensing)
Storage environment temperature:-10°~55°, humidity:15~90% RH (non-condensing)
MTF 78%@0.5lp/mm
DQE 55%@0.5lp/mm
Soft Trigger Soft trigger/AED

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